DeSantis Landscapes

4.6 stars - based on 36 reviews and 39 ratings
7907 State Street, Salem, OR 97317

Fantastic Service - Very Knowledgeable - Really Listens To The Customer!

5 out of 5 - by on Jul 19, 2012

We originally contracted with DeSantis to clear our yard (which was FULL of weeds!), mow and maintain our lawns, and keep the weeds down in our flower beds. They did a fantastic job with a real nightmare yard, and everything looks fantastic now! I really cannot believe how green and lush our lawns look. Because we were growing vegetables in our backyard, I was very concerned about only organic products being used in that area. They were one of the few companies we interviewed who agreed to do this for us at a rate competitive with the companies who wanted to "nuke" our yards with Round-Up (and, really, why pay hundreds of dollars when you can spray Round-Up yourself?). Because the results were so fantastic, we asked them to help us design our yard, and we can't wait to see what they come up with! This is a really great company to work with; they really listen to what their customers ask for, and go above and beyond to accommodate.


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